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Baise-MOI (Rape Me) book

Baise-MOI (Rape Me) by Virginie Despentes

Baise-MOI (Rape Me)

Download Baise-MOI (Rape Me)

Baise-MOI (Rape Me) Virginie Despentes ebook
ISBN: 9780802138705
Format: pdf
Page: 208
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

[Hãy đăng ký làm thành viên diễn đàn megafun để thấy link. Baise moi which is listed in IMDB as “Rape me” has found its way onto “most disturbing” lists for its realism and violence. Also known as: Rape Me, Fuck Me, Fick mich, Baise-moi - Fick mich!, Shag-Me. Produção francesa que causou polêmica e foi proibido na própria França, ”Baise Moi” pode ser traduzido por ”Estupra-me” (ganhou o título americano ”Rape me” e também ”Fuck Me”). The title, depending on dialect or colloquial usage, can be read as 'Kiss Me', 'Fuck Me' or 'Rape Me'. Language: French (hardcoded English subtitles) Director: Virginie Despentes Description: This is an extreme film, and a glance at the many reviews on here (at IMDB) will demonstrate that it provokes extreme reactions. (Rape Me,Baise-moi 2000) 프랑스 | 성인 | 감독 : 비르지니 데스팡트. Such case previously happened in 2000 to a local movie "Baise-moi", known in English as "Rape Me", directed by Virginie Despentes. 16-plus rating normally applied to mainstream films containing sex or strong violence. Baise-moi artinya Fuck-me tapi di Amerika diterjemahkan dengan Rape Me atau Kiss Me, terjemahan ini ditolak dalam suatu review oleh para director tahun 2002. Description: Manu and Nadine were on the bottom of life, and not by hearsay know what is rape, prostitution and death of beloved ones. ] Nội Dung: Rape Me ( tên gốc Baise moi ) đã gây nên một cơn sốc mạnh chưa từng có ở thị trường phim thông thường. Video Title: Rape Me Also Known As: Baise-moi Year: 2000 Starring: Karen Lancaume, Raffaëla Anderson Country: France Genre: Adult, Crime, Thriller, Rated R. It may not be quality cinema though its powerful none the less. Produção francesa que causou polêmica e foi proibido na própria França, ''Baise Moi'' pode ser traduzido por ''Estupra-me'' (ganhou o título americano ''Rape me'' e também ''Fuck Me''). ̚즘 트위터 페이스북 더보기.

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